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Eugene Els

Managing Director

Eugene Els is a mechanical engineer with numerous years of experience in the manufacturing and mining industry. Most of his experience is rooted in the field of agitation, supporting manufacturing processes. He possesses extensive process and mechanical design knowledge, and has specialised experience with agitator design.

Eugene was one of the founding members of AFROMIX in 2006 and held the position of Technical Director. In 2010, he became the Managing Director of AFROMIX. The company has since progressed, establishing itself as a market leader on the African Continent. Eugene has a clear vision of customer service and adopts a zero compromise on quality. Eugene has been instrumental in the development of AFX’s specialised mechanical design software, its own fabrication facility, as well as other industry firsts which include the development and design of the AFX range of peristaltic pumps.

In 2012, when AFX Holdings acquired AFROMIX, Eugene became the group Managing Director. The group has expanded even further under his guidance with the successful opening of North American and European divisions under the AFX Holdings Company.

JJ Strydom

Projects Director

JJ embarked upon his professional career as a Design Engineer at B&E International. He designed and co-designed numerous mobile screening plants consisting of a track-driven loading hopper unit and non-driven triple screen unit. In 1995, he was appointed as the Project Engineer and was tasked with the responsibility of the manufacturing of 1000 ton/hr mobile screening plants. JJ was later promoted to Section Engineer in 1996 where he managed three operations in Namibia. He returned to Johannesburg in 2002 where he headed up and managed the Oil Analysis and Service Program at B&E International.

JJ’s exceptional engineering knowledge and task execution capabilities did not go unnoticed. He moved to AFROMIX in 2005, assuming the role of Project Manager. He ensured that AFROMIX’s products were held to the highest standards and assisted in forging the growth of AFROMIX’s reputation throughout the market. Possessing an extensive knowledge in the engineering field and, more particularly, in pumping and mixing, he became the Projects Director in 2010 at AFROMIX. JJ has developed a vast knowledge of the African market which is complimented by regular site visits. This granted him the ability to not only understand the issues faced on-site with most applications, but it has also given him the ability to solve the problems on-site, as well as ensure that the correct measures are implemented back in-house to ensure that our products work for all types of sites.

Shaune McKcinon

AFX Mixing and Pumping Technologies Inc – North America

Shaune Mckinon relocated from South Africa to Vancouver, Canada in January 2010 where he took on a Technical Sales role after building a successful business in South Africa between 1995 and 2010. In 2011, Shaune was introduced to the field of mixing and pumping with exposure to the mining sector and a variety of other interesting fields. A large part of his experience lies within business development, exploring and developing markets with a sound understanding of business requirements, procedures and relations.

In February 2014, Shaune, along with AFX Holdings, founded AFX Mixing and Pumping Technologies Inc., a Vancouver, Canada-based organisation designing, manufacturing and servicing the North American market with agitation, mixing and peristaltic hose pumping equipment.

Toby Frostwick

AFX Mixing and Pumping Technologies LTD – Europe

Toby has over 26 years of global experience in the pump and process industries. 20 of these years were spent specialising in the peristaltic pump market, earning him an unrivalled reputation. Originally trained in mechanical and production engineering, Toby’s natural eye for detail, coupled with his wealth of knowledge and experience, can optimise system operations, often saving clients on both capital and operational expenditure.

Having worked as a consultant to AFROMIX for the past eight years, providing his specialised services and expertise towards the growth of the AFX peristaltic pump range, Toby has embarked upon expanding the AFX brand, incorporating the agitator range into his scope.



We, at AFX, believe that our sales department is an essential part of our organisation. By consistently training and updating our sales team with the best products and services that the industry can offer, we bridge the gap between each customer’s individual needs, and our specialised products and services.  Our aim is to be focused and results-oriented so that we may successfully contribute to the steady growth of our organisation.


The estimations department pays close attention to detail. We are committed to providing complete and accurate costings, while still ensuring the sustainability of AFROMIX as a profitable organisation. As a department, we believe this is only achievable through developing and sustaining healthy long-term relationships, listening to our customers’ objectives and requirements, and exceeding their expectations.


At AFX, our competent projects department acts as the glue of our organisation. Our vision is to efficiently attend to each project from the moment we receive a purchase order and capture all requirements, through to production and service delivery, all the way to excellent aftersales service and maintenance. This department forms the link between all departments and ensures that all standards are met both timeously and efficiently.


Technical drawing, also known as drafting, is the act and discipline of composing drawings that visually communicate how something functions or is to be constructed and is essential for communicating ideas in industry and engineering. The drawing department at AFX is committed to making your vision a reality through producing accurate drawings timeously, to provide the perfect blueprint for our manufacturing department, and flawless products to our customers.


The procurement department is responsible for the purchasing of supplies and services necessary to support the organisation. This department handles purchase orders, creates contracts and acquires all the supplies and services needed. We benchmark competitive pricing without sacrificing quality, thereby fostering long-lasting, trustworthy relationships with suppliers and internal customers.


The manufacturing department is responsible for the production of goods, the inventive design of those goods according to specific requirements, and the way in which the goods are manufactured. Precision is a key feature. Every aspect of the manufacturing of goods is decided upon within this department. Manufacturing strives to combine creativity, skill and imagination to produce products worthy of appreciation.


At AFX, the quality department’s reputation is built on exactly that: quality. This department is responsible for overseeing resource scheduling, team communications and status reporting as well as promoting and overseeing the use of established best practices, policies, and procedures. We are committed to the continuous improvement of the quality of our products and services and ensuring customer satisfaction all the time. Our reputation for excellence always shines through.


The operations department is responsible for running the day-to-day business of the organisation, maintaining profitability targets and ensuring consistency regarding AFX’s operational processes and procedures. This department is the final step in the quality control process that ensures all assembled items are in line with AFX’s stringent standards.


The marketing department acts as the face of the organisation and provides AFX with its original identity. This department plays an important role in generating sales and revenue through various proactive activities, such as market research, promotional material and advertising strategies, all geared around building up the organisation’s brand image and fostering strong, long-term relationships with customers.


The finance department plays an integral role at AFX. Key responsibilities include preparing and creating financial accounts, keeping financial records, preparing financial information, analysing financial performance, paying creditors and paying employees’ salaries. This department provides relevant and reliable financial information and quality financial services in an efficient, ethical and effective manner to customers, and to promote fiscal responsibility and accountability over the expenditure of the AFX funds.

Human Resources

At AFX, we believe our organisation is built on the strength of our approachable Human Resources department and the structure which it provides.  Our team understands the importance of creating an empowering environment, including specialised recruitment, consistent training, organisational safety processes, and regular performance appraisals.  Our internal communication structures ensure efficiency, quality and reliability across all departments while, at the same time, creating a productive team that is passionate about their individual roles within the organisation.