After months of preparation for one of the biggest mining shows in the world, Electra mining 2018 finally arrived! We had a great week exhibiting some of our most sought after equipment and interacting with old and new clients.

Some technological highlights on display included:

  • Our IBC Bin Mixer with folding blades. There are many advantages to this piece of equipment, but one of the most impressive design features that bigger blades can be used that still fit through the limited bin opening on the top by the blades folding closed. When the unit starts up, the centrifugal forces push the blades open into a fixed position to mix the content in the bin. This is used to promote efficient mixing with less power consumption.
  • We were also very excited to display one of our bigger agitator systems complete with P3 impeller blades, a sparging system and non-clogging nozzles. These impellers are specifically used in gas dispersion applications to keep maximum gas/air in circulation for improved efficiency during the mixing process.
  • Afromix has one of the biggest peristaltic pumps in the world called the AFX150 that was also on display at Electra mining. This pump has a maximum flow rate of 147 000 l/hr and has a maximum continuous speed of 25 rpm. We have developed new roller technology on the rotor assembly of the pump, this technology increases the hose life of the pump and also decreases the power consumption, resulting in exponential savings and superior pumping. The only wearing part in the pump is the hose and considering this throughout the development process of the pump, a hose replacement was made as effortless as possible. You do not have to remove the flanges from the pump when you do a hose replacement making it very easy and will save time and money on maintenance.

We appreciate all the support during the week from all our stakeholders. We look forward to Electra Mining 2020 and hope to see you there again!