Small Top Entry Agitators

Our range of portable top entry mixers suited to smaller mixing and blending applications provides the customer with the freedom to decide how to mount, move or permanently fix the agitator. Portable air or direct drive units are supplied with swivel brackets perfect for mounting at the desired angle. Some small direct and gear drive units can be wall mounted for applications with multiple containers. Angular mounted or angular offset agitators are commonly employed for use in cylindrical mixing vessels which are un-baffled. The portability of our small agitators gives good flexibility, allowing freedom to move from one vessel to another. Our applications engineers are on hand to advise the most suitable configuration for your needs, to ensure these versatile agitators offer the user the most economic mixing solution.

As the name suggests, these agitators are directly powered by the installed motor. Being a very cost-effective and quick agitator to supply, there are many small and easy blending applications where direct drive agitators are well suited. Using our range of F3 axial flow impellers, the agitator delivers on the process requirements. Most commonly used in small pilot and bench plants, pharmaceutical laboratories, test laboratories in research and development departments as well as in batch development within the personal care industry, these direct drives are adaptable, easy to use, require little maintenance and ensure that the desired process outcomes are met. Available with variable speed drives and various mountings, we are certain that we will meet your process solution.

As all mixing and blending applications differ, the demands placed on the agitator do too. In some applications, the use of a direct drive is just not possible for various mechanical reasons. Keeping this in mind, we offer small portable gear driven agitators. Sizing the agitator to suit your vessel as well as to ensure that the desired process is achieved, we strive to bring you the best top entry solutions. Tailoring our manufacturing methods, we can keep costs competitive and guarantee the best quality agitator. The majority of these units can be found in applications where a solid suspension is required, or the viscosity of the product is high within the vessels or where the mixing application is arduous. These agitators power a large segment of the market, where the demand has not waivered. Available with a selection of various options to ensure that the agitator is customised to suit your specific needs and process requirements, our range of AMX portables are a solution within the various markets, and they continue to expand their application reach.

AFX offers small electric or pneumatic agitators perfectly suited to small instant blending applications in 210-litre drums, where flash mixing and blending is required. Although designed primarily for 210-litre drums, these adaptable mixers can be easily adjusted to suit smaller containers by changing the shaft length. Two standard designs are available to suit both open and closed top drums. For closed top drums, agitators are supplied with a dual bladed folding impeller designed to fit through the bung hole on the top of the closed drum. The agitator comes complete with a threaded bung hole adaptor for mounting and operating purposes. For open top drums, agitators are usually supplied with our fixed three bladed F3 impellers. These units are cost-effective, efficient, easy to operate and maintain. Their portable design allows the freedom to move from one vessel to another. Operating between 300 – 3000 rpm. The wetted parts are manufactured from stainless steel and the aluminium housing aids the light-weight design of this agitator. These agitators are the number one solution for light drum mixing and blending applications.

AFX offers a range of Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) mixers (also known as TOTE or flow bin mixers) specifically designed to handle mixing duties within the container. Our mixers handle varying ranges of viscosity, densities and other processing requirements.

The main feature of AFX’s design is found in a range of folding impellers. These impellers are based on our range of high-efficiency hydrofoils that can fold in to facilitate fitting through the limited container opening, without the need for any modification to the container. The container openings vary from 100mm (4″) up to 200mm (8″). Our stainless steel impellers are available in varying diameters from 132mm (5,2″) up to 435mm (17,1″) which allows us to meet most application requirements.

With the impeller being a hydrofoil the design offers the efficiencies of a fixed bladed impeller system. Our design results in lower power consumption compared to our competitors while maintaining the same results. This improves the process efficiencies and reduces the mechanical loading on the agitator. This reduced mechanical loading allows the agitator to be lightweight and durable.