AMX agitator for the food and pharmaceutical industry. This specific unit will be used to mix vitamin products. The Agitator is used in application where the atmospheric pressure is the same inside and outside the tank. Some examples of food and pharmaceutical products that can use this Agitator include:  sauces, cool drinks, syrups, most processed foods, many types of pharmaceutical products… These types of applications requires a mixer with a pedestal with a double lipseal inside it to isolate the mechanical equipment from the product being mixed inside the tank and to prevent external spillage.

You may be wondering what makes this Agitator different to the rest; the pedestal is specially engineered for these types of applications. We have also designed the agitator to be robust and of the highest quality with the most optimum output for your needs.

The impeller that is used is known as a hydrofoil impeller. This impeller can be used in applications where high velocity or tank turnover rates are required. The impeller on the agitator is one of the most commonly used impellers throughout our vast industry. The F3 Impeller is called upon in many applications because of its robust and efficient structure.

The impeller can meet the demands of the process at lower installed power than most other impellers within the range. Widely employed throughout the various industries, these F3 impellers are used where the generation of flow determines the agitator selection. The impeller is multipurpose (by varying the blade pitch angle, one can alter the impeller’s flow and shear characteristics) and can provide high axial flow with low shear whenever required.

If you would like to find out more on how this unit will assist you in your industry, give our team a call today.